Epson200 doesn'n print red

epson stylus color 200 - doesn't print red. It happened while I was printing black text with color inks. The printer firstly made a crack sound, then the printhead went far left, then the color of the letters changed to the green (the red component disappeared). I've tried printing red square and it showed only yellow square with three red lines. I tried head cleaning facility more than several times, then installed a new cartridge and again tried headcleaning - but the result was the same - yellow square with three red lines. Parallel cable is OK. B/W printing is OK.
I kept the printhead in a sponge which was filled with the head cleaning fluid - but it didn't help.
Can anybody suggest a remedy: how to make the printer "remember" how to print red ink, or to "initialize" it?
Thanks in advance.

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