Lexmark 4039 10 plus printing excess toner

lexmark 4039 10 plus printer that is printing excess toner on both sides of the paper whenever it prints anything. The toner cartirdge in it is relatively new. A student tried to cleaning the roller which only made the problem worse. Any advice?

售后技术交流平台 D.tony  2009-4-18 10:53:03 
    If there's toner on the back of the page, the cartridge is leaking and will have to be replaced. Which roller was cleaned? If it was the greenish colored drum or the foam transfer roller and any kind of solvent was used, it is probably damaged. Stop the printer halfway through a print by opening the top. You should be able to see a sheet of paper inside the printer with some print on the page. Is the excess toner there before it enters the fuser? If not, the fuser rollers could be worn.