PLS Help. Lexmark 5049 Transfer Roller Replacement

Need help from a Lexmark Laser Printer Expert:

I need to replace the Transfer roller in a Data General 6965 Printer which is the same as the Lexmark 5049 B&W Laser Printer. I could not figure out how to take the Transfer roller out to replace it. There is got to be something I'm missing here. Also, there is a roller at the inside at the top above the transfer roller and I think I need to close the door half way to replace that. These two rollers are part of the maintainance kit that I need to replace. Please help.

常见故障问题解答 D.tony  2009-4-19 15:36:29 
    You just flex the end pieces outward far enough to allow the roller to slip out. The transfer roller is the hardest since it doesn't seem to come up far enough to get easy access to the end bushings. I use a small screwdriver and Gently move the end opposite the gear until the end of the shaft comes free. The kit should have a plastic tool to hold the cover in the proper position to get at the charge roller. It fits in the dimples at the left side of the opening and has a hole that fits over the door release latch. BTW, it's a 4059 not 5049.

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