HP LJ4000TN tray 3

HP LJ4000TN's that have the same problem. When they try to print from tray 3, you can hear the machine start the process of trying to pick up paper, you can hear solenoids click and such, and it sounds like the printer tries two times to pick up a sheet, then gives a paper jam 13.1 error. When observed from the back with a flashlight, you can see that the pickup rollers never turn at all even when the machine sounds like it is trying to pick up paper. The black connecting rod for the pickup rollers is there and connected properly.

hp常见故障问题解答 D.tony  2009-4-19 15:36:07 
    Stan, it could possibly be that the solenoid on the Paper Pick up Assy on tray 3 has gone bad. However, to have 2 printers with the same fault at the same time is so rare. I've had only 1 solenoid on tray 3 go bad in 5 years. I'm not helping you, I know. But thats the first place I'd look now. Stranger things have happened.

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